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Pennsylvania Lawyer Steven Kellis Reviews

Pennsylvania DUI Defense Attorney Steven E. Kellis has been practicing law in Pennsylvania for many years. He initially worked in the District Attorney’s Office as a prosecutor before going into private practice as a criminal defense attorney handling only DUI cases throughout Eastern Pennsylvania. Below are some recent reviews and testimonials he has received. If you are facing DUI charges or impaired driving charges in the Allentown, Philadelphia or Norristown, PA areas contact Mr. Kellis now for a free case review.

Reviews Of Philadelphia DUI Attorney Steven E. Kellis

I had the pleasure of having Steven represent me last year. My case was in the court system for at least year. Steven was there with me at each hearing, successfully representing me. He NEVER missed a date. I was very much impressed at the actual trial. Steven represented me with true professionalism and was completely aware of both the laws of the state and my rights. He punched numerous holes in the statements of the officers testifying against me as well as the prosecutor. He even found a technicality, that almost had the entire case thrown out! Ultimately, with Steven’s proper representation, we actually WON the case. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone seeking legal counsel. I truly believe that you could not find a more capable and competent lawyer.

Mr. Gardner, PA DUI client

In February of 2009, I was arrested in Philadelphia and charged with DUI. Unfortunately, it was not the first time this had happened. Facing significant jail time and the subsequent loss of my job, career, home and personal freedom, I reached out to Mr. Kellis after reading about his experience online. Steven agreed to take my case and thus began our journey. In the months that followed, an additional charge of felony fleeing was added by the DA’s office further complicating my case and seriously jeopardizing any kind of favorable outcome. Obviously, I was in an arduous position with little hope. In the end, it came down to Steven’s acute knowledge of of the law, his experience on both sides of the bench, his excellent negotiation skills and his ability to think quickly and act precisely when presented with opportunities in court. Thanks to Steven’s exemplary representation, the felony fleeing charge was ultimately dropped and a plea was negotiated resulting in minimal disruption to my personal life. I chose to work with the right attorney whose experience proved to be far more valuable than I could have imagined. Without Steven’s help, I’d most likely be sitting in jail right now – a sobering fact which I am reminded of every day. If you are in any kind of trouble with DUI/DWI, you need an experienced attorney to represent you in court. Give Mr. Kellis a call – you’ll be glad you did.

Bob, PA DUI client via