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Erie DUI Lawyers

erie dui lawyers

Have you been arrested or charged with DUI in Erie, Pennsylvania or anywhere in Erie County, PA? If so, you will need to find a DUI defense lawyer who will be able to get the best results for you. Our team of Erie DUI defense attorneys have many years of DUI trial experience that I will bring to your case. In every DUI case they handle they strive to obtain an acquittal. When guilt is not an issue our Erie DUI lawyers work to obtain the best result possible. As part of the process we must consider the following issues and do whatever is necessary to protect your rights:

ARD/Accelerated Rehabilitation Disposition – The Pennsylvania ARD Program allows some first time offenders the right to enter into a program where they are permitted to dispose of their DUI case by serving a non-reporting term of probation. At the conclusion of this probation, and if all the terms of probation have been completed successfully, the DUI charges are dismissed and the client has the right to have their DUI arrest expunged from the record altogether. Admission into the ARD program is at the sole discretion of the District Attorney’s Office. It is very often the case that retaining a Montgomery County DUI lawyer can mean the difference between admission or denial into ARD. ARD is great program and if my client is eligible for it our DUI legal team will do everything in their power to make sure they get it.

Driver License Suspension – Most DUI convictions carry a PennDot drivers license suspension and the effects of it are devastating. Over the years our attorneys have had great success in avoiding drivers license suspensions for their clients in DUI cases where their driving privileges are at risk.

Jail – Subsequent DUI offenders can face anywhere from 5 days in county prison to over 1 year in state prison. Our experienced Erie DUI lawyers will make it a priority in every case to minimize my clients’ risk of going to jail. If jail time is an inevitability in a client’s case, they will explore other avenues such as work release, weekend reporting, house arrest, and treatment court on their behalf so they do not have to spend extended periods of time in prison.

Trial Experience ––  Our legal team provides their clients with many years of criminal and DUI trial experience. From our office on Erie, PA, directly across the street from the county courthouse, our DUI defense team has spent years trying cases against Erie County district attorneys (DA’s) and in front of Erie County, Pennsylvania judges and juries. With an in depth working knowledge of the people and practices that make up the DUI litigation process in Erie County, PA and this gives their clients a clear advantage.

Additional Pennsylvania DUI Information

Recently the National Transportation Safety Board voted to to recommend to states that they lower the blood alcohol level needed to convict for DUI from .08% to .05%. The NTSB offered no hard statistics to demonstrate why the .05% level would represent an impairment level suitable to convict for DUI, in PA or any other state.  As a PA DUI attorney, we would like to know, “why not just make it illegal to drink any alcohol before driving”?

Our office is located in Erie, PA for your convenience. When you contact our team of Erie DUI attorneys you will receive a completely fee initial consultation and they will speak with any prospective client for as long as they like, as many times as they like, so that person can make a knowing and comfortable decision regarding their representation. If you or one close to you has been charged with DUI in Erie County, Pennsylvania please feel free to call our Erie Pennsylvania DUI defense lawyers.  You may also email them at night and on weekends and they will contact you as soon as they receive your email.

Our skilled Erie DUI lawyers serve all of Pennsylvania including Allentown, Altoona, Erie, Bethlehem, Norristown, Lock Haven, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Reading, Scranton, Doylestown, Washington Township, Chester, West Chester, Kennett Square and Media, Pennsylvania.