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Ambien DUI

Pennsylvania Ambien DUI lawyersPennsylvania Ambien DUI Attorneys

Many people are prescribed the sleep medication Ambien for sleep disorders. When used as directed it can help those who battle insomnia and other sleep disorders. If Ambien is not used as directed, is used in conjunction with other drugs and or alcohol, it can end disastrously for you. Ambien can induce something similar to a blackout. It is a sedative-hypnotic and can cause users to sleep walk and, in some cases, sleep drive which can end in an Ambien induced DUI. If you have been charged with driving while under the influence of Ambiein in Pennsylvania you should speak with our skilled and experienced Pennsylvania Ambien DUI Lawyers.

Ambien And Sleep Driving

With Ambien being a hypnotic you may not recall the events that follow after you ingest it. Some people take Ambien and attempt to stay awake to feel the short lived buzz that precedes the blackout. Other people may take Ambien as directed, which involves taking it once you are in bed, and may wake up and unknowingly ‘sleep drive’.

Penalties For Ambien DUI Conviction In Pennsylvania

A Pennsylvania DUI conviction can disrupt your life now and in the future. this is true even if it is a first offense. Once convicted you will face fines, court costs, loss of driving privileges, possible community service and possible jail time.

If you were found with illegally obtained, black market or internet purchased oxycodone in the car at the time of the DUI arrest you will face additional charges related to the drugs such as drug possession and illegally obtained prescription medications. The penalties for these charges can be significantly more severe than the DUI charges and can involve fines, fees, community service and jail time.

Ambien DUI Defense In Pennsylvania

The FDA maintains that due to Ambien’s effect any sleepwalking, sleep driving or any other acts due to ingesting Ambien may be considered involuntary acts. Involuntary acts due to a medication’s effects may serve as a defense in a Pennsylvania DUI.

On the flip side, if it can be proved that other factors contributed to the DUI then the involuntary act defense may be nullified. Examples of these acts can be:

Mixing Ambien with other drugs

Mixing Ambien with alcohol

Taking more than the recommended dosage

Taking the drug while driving home prior to going to bed

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